Aaron Mattes’ Active Isolated Stretching

Aaron Mattes’ latest book on Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is the latest in the series of books that will teach you all the information you would want to know about AIS.  It has been Aaron’s passion for the last 40 years and now his newest book with all of his Stretching Techniques is available to everyone who wants to not only learn how to stretch themselves actively but also how to assist someone doing AIS

“Aaron Mattes’ Active Isolated Stretching” contains over 700 color photos.

A stretching book teaching the proper mechanics of stretching. Specific isolated methods of stretching muscles and fascia.

There are two sections in the book an Active Section and an Assisted Section.

The Active Section will teach you as the individual how to stretch properly by themselves.  It is easy to follow format where the books show a start and finish photo with all the verbal instructions on how to do the stretch.  The pictures are full color with a listing of not only the muscles being stretched, but also describing how to do the exercise properly.

The Assisted Section will teach you how to properly assist someone when stretching.  This section is also full color and will give the muscles being stretched as well.  This section will teach you the proper hand and body mechanics to properly work on someone else.  The book lays out the stretches in an easy to follow format that anyone from the doctor to the layperson can follow.  All the sections are separated so that you can learn each and every body part of the body.  You can literally stretch almost every muscle from head to toe.

This book is great for any Doctor, Chiropractor, Therapist, Coach, or Personal Trainer who wishes to expand their knowledge and practice in the art of stretching.
This book is also great for a parent who wishes to improve either the athletic potential of their child, loved one, or sports team that they may work with.

The book is easy to follow and is not too difficult for a non-professional to understand.  The fastest-growing group that has been learning how to use Active Isolated Stretching for their clients are Personal Trainers.  Personal Trainers are learning how AIS benefits their clients, this easy to follow instructional book will allow a personal trainer to easily pick up the techniques and teach them to their clientele.  Clints then in turn can show the benefits of their trainer’s use of AIS with them to their friends and loved ones.

Massage Therapists have been learning and applying Active Isolated Stretching to their clientele for over 40 years.  AIS is currently being taught in massage schools and also to massage therapists for continuing education worldwide.  AIS fits right into the scope of practice for Massage Therapists because of the movement of the muscles through the agonist-antagonist active movement.  It assists the massage therapist to warm up the muscles and increases flexibility allowing them to properly do their massage work such as Swedish, neuromuscular, deep tissue, and trigger point massage techniques.