About Us

StretchingUSA is a company that specializes in the work of Active Isolated Stretching.  Active Isolated Stretching is the creation of Kinesiologist Aaron L. Mattes, MS, RKT, LMT.  Aaron began his creation of Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) over 40 years ago.  To date, Aaron teaches AIS to healthcare professionals, massage therapists, and personal trainers from all over the world.  He has tens of thousands of individuals whom he has taught how to assist others in stretching and continue his work worldwide.  

Lance A. Mattes, BS, CPT is an Active Isolated Stretching Specialist who works with Clients with Active Isolated Stretching and Strengthening.  Lance has been working with Active Isolated Stretching not only in a Professional Clinical setting but also teaching therapists, trainers and healthcare professionals for over 25 Years.  Lance graduated with his degree in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine from Samford University in 1995.  Lance played college and professional football before beginning his career with Active Isolated Stretching in 1998.   Lance is also a  Certified Fitness Trainer.  Lance currently works in private practice At Aaron Mattes Therapy / StretchingUSA.  Lance works with not only professional, college, and amateur athletes,  but also all types of Clients with various needs for mobility and strengthening.

  Tyler A. Mattes BS, CPT. graduated from The University of Montevallo with his degree in Kinesiology in 2020.  Tyler is also a Certified Personal Trainer who specializes in Active Isolated Stretching and Strengthening in Birmingham, Al.  Tyler is the son of Lance Mattes and the grandson of Aaron Mattes.  Tyler was a Baseball Pitcher at the University of Montevallo. 

Our Active Isolated Stretching Team

StretchingUSA A multitier company providing several different aspects for individuals to better themselves


StretchingUSA carries products that teach not only the individual how to do AIS but also provides materials to assist others that wish to assist loved ones while they are doing the stretching.



StretchingUSA puts on seminars several times a year to teach individuals how to stretch themselves for the betterment of their overall health.  Our instructors teach people how to systematically stretch most of the muscles of the human body. 



StretchingsUSA also assists other AIS Practitioners in the form of a non-bias referral forum.  All individuals who are on our web site for a referral to others are outside practitioners that have taken a class from Aaron Mattes or from other AIS instructors.