Video On Demand Active Isolated Stretching for Golf

This Video is designed to teach you how to systematically stretch yourself out to prepare you for playing the game of Golf. Golf is a power sport so you want to have your muscles properly prepared so that you can exert your strength on the court through the largest range of motion possible to increase your power output. Golf is a sport that asks you to be able to exert forces using a golf club through varying amounts of movements from very violent fast movements using a driver to soft cautious movements with a wedge or driver. Many people who Golf suffer from hip or low back issues due to the nature of having to play over several hours having to go from a sedentary action of riding in a cart to having to swing a club and exert force at any given moment playing. Many golfers also choose to walk the course which can have you also having to walk from 3-4 miles plus the work of swinging the clubs. Stretching will help to keep your body pliable and will also allow you to recover faster after activity.
The AIS Video will allow the individual to stretch along with the model throughout the entire routine. The model is easy to follow and will perform 8-10 repetitions and will be holding the stretch for the precise amount of time (1 ½ to 2 seconds). The model will do both sides of the body, so if you are starting your stretching on the right side, he will continue and finish all the repetitions with the left side as well.
This video is separated into different sections. Neck, Shoulders, Elbows and Hands, Lower Body, Ankles, and Feet.
At the beginning of each exercise you will see the name of the stretch and the muscles stretched as well.