Aaron L. Mattes Creator of Active Isolated Stretching

Aaron Mattes received his Bachelor of Science Degree from Wisconsin State University-Superior, 1970, majoring in Physical Education, and his Master of Science Degree from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 1972, with special emphasis in Kinesiology and Kinesiotherapy. Mattes served as pitching coach for the University of Illinois baseball team from 1970–1976. Over the past 45 years, he has spent well over 250,000 hours in sports participation, sports and health instruction, rehabilitation, athletic training, adapted physical education, sports medicine, training and prevention programs. He is a registered Kinesiotherapist (#449) and a certified member of the American Kinesiotherapy Association. He is a licensed Massage Therapist (#3864) and a member of the Florida State Massage Therapy Association and the American Massage Therapy Association (#3864). Mattes is a member of the Association of Medical Rehabilitation Administrators and the National Rehabilitation Association (#039204).  Aaron is Retired from private practice and now only teaches seminars in Sarasota, Fl.

Mattes lectured internationally at sports medicine clinics, medical seminars, and massage therapy conventions. He provides continuing education to personal trainers, nurses, strength trainers, athletic trainers, physical therapists, massage therapists, coaches and athletes. Mattes serves as a consultant to sports clubs, high school, college, and professional athletes and teams. He has rehabilitated thousands of subjects including famous politicians, entertainers, and hundreds of Olympic and professional athletes.

Mattes is co-author of two books: Pre-Condition, Re-Condition, Re-Habilitation (Shelton, Greninger, and Mattes) and Nutrition Therapy for Massage and Physical Therapy Patients (E. Leslie Knight and Mattes). He is the sole author of a number of books on stretching including his 2000-word text Active Isolated Stretching: The Mattes Method. Mattes is internationally recognized for his techniques in treating pain, spinal distortions, post-polio, parkinsonism, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, spinal cord problems and joint replacements.