Lance A. Mattes


Lance Mattes received his Bachelor of Science Degree from Samford University in 1995, Majoring in Sports Medicine. Upon graduation, Lance spent a short time playing Arena Football before returning to Sarasota to join the family business at Aaron L. Mattes Therapy, LLC. In 1999 he successfully negotiated the sale of the business to HealthSouth where he remained employed as the Marketing Coordinator heading up the Outpatient Marketing for the 90 Bed Rehab hospital and four outpatient therapy centers including the renamed HealthSouth Aaron Mattes Therapy Center. Upon leaving HealthSouth he ventured into the outpatient surgery center business where he was Director of Business for the Cape Surgery Center owned by Sarasota Memorial Hospital. At the Cape Surgery Center Lance ran the office overseeing the scheduling, billing, accounting, and recordkeeping for the business. At the Cape, he was able to learn and watch all the different techniques of various surgeries to better understand the procedures and how that is done to apply to his stretching.

Lance is currently the Vice President of Aaron L. Mattes Therapy and where he oversees all operations that deal with the online sales business, project coordination as well as the day to day stretching operation of Aaron L. Mattes Therapy. Lance currently coordinates with therapists and trainers all over the world instructing on how to deal with various issues that arise from a variety of illnesses. Lance also assists in the teaching of the seminars that Aaron L. Mattes teaches in Sarasota as well. Over the past 30 years, since high school, Lance has traveled the world assisting his father as well as others teaching this work.  Lance currently works with patients on a full-time basis as well.  His clientele ranges from the weekend warrior to the patient needing serious flexibility and strength work to the amateur, collegiate, and professional athletes.

As well as having his Bachelor of Science he is also a Certified Fitness Trainer with the International Sports Sciences Association. Lance currently works with various businessmen, athletes at all levels of sports including Professional, College, and Amateur realms of the sports. Lance is also one of the Certified Instructors for Teaching and Certifying people in Active Isolated Stretching. Lance is also a Continuing Education provider for ACE #CEP205510 2.3CE and FSMTA #50-25925 24 CEU and National Massage NCBTMB #1000487 

Lance’s goal is and always has been the expansion of Active Isolated Stretching worldwide. Lance has worked with Aaron to create several books not only for the healthcare professional but also for the layperson. He has coordinated the filming of 5 videos for instruction as well as countless other projects for others worldwide.