Video On Demand Active Isolated Stretching for Swimming

Active Isolated Stretching was created by world renound kinesiologist Aaron L. Mattes. The sequence of the stretches was developed by working with youth, collegiate and Olympic swimmers over many years. Many of whom had much success and even reaching Olympic gold. The stretches will take you from the upper body starting with the neck, down through the shoulders, then to the legs and ultimately to the feet. These stretches will assist you in maximizing your potential in the pool helping you to gain flexibility and increase your power potential. You will see in the video that you are using one muscle group doing the active movement to help stretch the opposite side muscle group while only holding the stretch for 1 ½ to 2 seconds. You will only want to use 3-4 ounces of assistance by either your opposite hand or a stretching rope. The video will take you from one stretch to another allowing you to work along with the model. If you have any more questions on the theory or uses of AIS please visit our web site at Now please enjoy this video and get flexible!