Video On Demand Active Isolated Stretching Assisted Stretching  (2018) 

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) was created by world-renowned kinesiologist Aaron L. Mattes. AIS is currently being used by therapists, trainers, athletes at all levels and people who just plain want to feel better. During this video, you will be taught how to systematically assist someone to stretch using AIS. You will see in the video that you are using one muscle group doing the active movement to help stretch the opposite side muscle group while only holding the stretch for 1 ½ to 2 seconds. The video will teach you the proper hand placements, body mechanics and ways of using the different tools such as ropes and seatbelts to assist the person you are helping to stretch. With each stretch, it is important that you only use 3-5 ounces of pressure while assisting the person with the stretches

The Active Isolated Stretching: Assisted Stretching Video shows in great detail how to assist someone who is performing AIS. The video will allow you to stretch along with the models throughout the entire routine. The models are easy to follow and will perform 8-10 repetitions holding the stretch for the precise amount of time. The models will stretch both sides of the body, so if you are starting the stretch on the right side, they will continue and switch sides to finish all the repetitions with the left side as well. The video is also fully narrated giving verbal instructions as well as showing the techniques.

  • The Video is 2 hours 52 minutes long.
  • The Video is separated into different sections. Neck, Shoulders, Elbows and Hands, Lower Body and finally Ankles and Feet.
  • The muscles being stretched will be listed at the beginning of each exercise segment.
  • It will list the name of the exercise and all of the muscles that are involved in the stretch.

You will not be able to purchase directly through our website it will direct you to Vimeo which is where you will be able to purchase and stream the video.  You will be able to use on almost every platform such as Smart TV, Tablets, Phones, and Computers.