Video On Demand Active Isolated Strengthening (2018) 

The Aaron Mattes Method of Strength Training is highly specific. Aaron has been teaching these techniques to doctors, therapists, trainers, and individuals for over 40 years. After stretching the body these are the exercises that he teaches so that people can strengthen the muscle tissues and help them to either heal from injury or to prevent problems in the future.

While it is holistic and treats the body as a unit, its primary characteristic is its capability to break down the body to treat isolated parts. There are protocols for every primary muscle of the body.

The video follows the training specificity principle by identifying and resolving specific strength and functional deficits. The Mattes Method then employs a full range of motion movements to contract and strengthen targeted muscles while at the same time stretches the opposing muscles. The result is increased muscle strength, joint flexibility, and balance across the joints.

  • The Video is 2 hours 21 minutes long.
  • The Strength Video is split up into different sections that will teach you individually how to strengthen the different parts of the body. It is very easy to follow along with and most of the exercises can be done in the comfort of your own home.
  • At the beginning of each exercise, you will see the name of the stretch and the muscles stretched as well.
  • With these video’s you will be able to tackle most of the ailments that people suffer from today. It is a complete head to toe instructional strengthening video.

You will not be able to purchase directly through our website it will direct you to Vimeo which is where you will be able to purchase and stream the video.  You will be able to use on almost every platform such as Smart TV, Tablets, Phones, and Computers.